Sayos salon introduce you our new service:


1.The Simple facial with no extraction
2.The full
3.The treatments
To maintain, restore, refresh, nourish and keep the beauty appearance of your skin. We complement the knowledge of our professional aesthetician with EXEL PROFESSIONAL line of non occlusive products (mineral oil free). It allows the skin natural breathing and facilitates the active ingredients penetration in the skin.

1.The mini: Facial express: (for those whose time is counted)
A mini facial created to maintain your skin clean, exfoliated, nourished and fully relaxed in just 30 minutes.
a)Natural : We use natural ingredients as an healthy, refreshing and gentle way to keep the fresh look in your skin. The products are aloe vera, camomile, rose water, hammamelis, brown sugar, honey, avocado, clay etc…
b)Hydrating and revitalizing: Collagen, elastin, vitamin E, aloe vera are used to normalize, hydrate and refresh your skin.
c)Oil control: Tea tree oil, citric acid, bentonite, romero, rosemary, sage, and witch hazel are used to remove excess oil, refresh, hydrate, and control the excessive shine and oiliness in your skin.
Our professional aestheticians will suggest the perfect option according to your skin type and condition after a deep analysis.

2.The full: Deep pore cleansing (suggested once a month)
This is a full facial design to deeply remove all the impurities, dead cells, open and close comedones (black or white heads). Improve blood circulation, cell metabolism, oxygenate and nourish your skin.
Recommended before any service or treatment (anti-aging or deep hydrating, etc…)
The products to be used will be chosen according to your skin type or condition.

3.The treatments (2 to 6 visits recommended)
This service will last between 60 and 75 minutes. It is a full facial treatment including ampoule penetration using and activating massage and galvanic current to stimulate the rapid and deeply absorption of the product for the best nourishment of your skin.
Series or packages (2 to 6 visits) suggested by our professional to deeply restore or normalize the functions of your skin.
a) Acne
b) Deep hydrating vitamin E, Collagen, ELASTIN
c) Anti-aging: Urea, vitamin E, vitamin A, betacaroten

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Diamond microderm.
Rosacea Treatment
Acne Treatment
Vitamin C Treatment
Facial Anti-age
Express Facial
Back Treatment

Holyday Special:
 * Facial w/24K Gold-Mask

​Elleebana & Belmacil Tints:
Eyebrows shape & Tint
Eyebrow tint w/ no shape
Eyelash tinting

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$ 99
$ 79
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